Friday, February 10, 2012

First Impressions: Kingdoms of Amalur

Upon playing the demo I quickly dismissed this game as a mash-up of WoW and Fable and nothing more. Upon booting up the full game and playing for a few hours I realized how wrong I was. Kingdoms of Amalur has the open-world play-it-your-way appeal of a lot of other western RPGs but also has the combat, storytelling, and world design to back it up.

I've played probably 5 hours of KoA and I can't get enough. The combat alone is enough to keep me coming back. It's much like the combat system in Fable. You can switch between melee, magic, and ranged combat at will. It just feels much better here than in Fable; It feels more stable and fluid. The spells are amazingly animated as is the rest of the combat. The one thing I do think the combat is lacking is a lock-on but really that's just nit picking.

I'll hopefully have a full review up sometime soon in the future.

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